Aosta Valley



Aosta Valley region is a mix of nature, culture, history, traditions, tastes and smells that identify a magical place in a unique atmosphere. The cold winter temperatures warm the heart with uncontaminated landscapes, tasty dishes and ancient traditions.
Aosta Valley region is located in the middle of the Alps, surrounded by four mountain massifs: Mont Blanc, the highest in Europe, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso. The entire territory has a conformation resulting from the work of the glaciations. The territory is crossed by rivers and natural and artificial lakes that give this region a unique atmosphere. Parks such as the Mont Avic Natural Park, the region's first park, and the Gran Paradiso National Park are the green lungs of the Aosta Valley. The second in particular, in the southern part of the region, is home to various species of endangered alpine flora and fauna such as chamois, ermines, marmots and ibexes.
Temperatures vary according to the altitude of the territory: an alpine climate during the winter seasons contrasts with warm temperatures with poor ventilation in summer. Therefore, both summer and winter tourist destination.


Aosta Valley is an ideal region for those who love long walks while admiring a breathtaking panorama in contact with nature. A place where you can breathe air of relaxation. Hospitality and friendliness of the residents warm the heart with their history made of traditions, tastes and smells related to the mountains. A region that offers great emotions and unique experiences.
Many experiences that this region offers throughout the year. 800 km of ski areas allow lovers of this sport, exciting itineraries during the winter months. For nature lovers, the region offers 300 short routes, road bike routes and mountain bike trails. There is also no lack of opportunities to discover the artistic and historical heritage throughout the year and high altitude experiences such as paragliding, balloon flights, cable cars and much more.

Among the many outstanding alpine resorts, the region boasts the presence of Courmayeur, located at 1,224 m at the foot of Mont Blanc, in an environment surrounded by the majesty of the mountains, glaciers and nature. The alpine atmosphere you breathe is authentic, whether you stroll through the shops on the main streets of the town, or in the villages surrounding it, or through the wonderful mountain scenery of this region. Courmayeur is a popular tourist destination both in low, mid and high season. Easily accessible from all Italian regions, from European countries by car, train, plane and bus.
From Courmayeur starts the Skyway, the cable car that allows you to reach a height of 3,466 meters.


The gastronomic products of Aosta Valley region tell the story of a territory and its identity. The region offers a cuisine rich in quality local products such as cold cuts, cheese and sweets. The recipes are characterized by simple and poor raw materials, like all mountain resorts. Among the DOP and better known products there is Fontina, a cheese that is the protagonist of Aosta Valley cuisine. Other typical products of excellence are polenta accompanied by meat and cheese sauces, fresh yoghurt, rye bread and ham. There is a wide choice of soups, fondues, boiled meat, game and products of the land. Among the traditional recipes, in fact, there are the Seupa à la Vapelenentse, a soup originating from Valpelline, the Cogne soup that stands out for the use of rice, dishes such as Carbonada, salted beef cooked in wine, the inevitable polenta concia with yellow flour baked with slices of fontina cheese and melted butter. Game dishes such as chamois with polenta and potatoes to taste with the unmissable wide range of DOC mountain wines. To taste, finally, the local desserts: apple tarts, chestnuts with honey, Mont Blanc ice cream, blueberry pie and much more accompanied by Valdostan coffee to enjoy in company passing the typical "Friendship Cup".


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