the philosophy of itaca

Itaca is that place that remains a goal even after it has been reached, because its essence is not in the place, but in the experience.

Itaca headquarter

The Itaca team was formed after experiences in the most diverse fields of excellence in tourism and entertainment. Its staff has developed experience and success in fields ranging from real estate, event management, direct management of real estate and unique objects to the worlds of boating and aviation. We remain faithful and focused on our commitment to excellence and uniqueness of places every day, connecting from our headquarters located in a prestigious property with 3 centuries of history.


Itaca was born to bring the care of the high hotellerie in the intimacy of the house. Our houses are equipped with everything necessary to allow the customer to find himself in a domestic environment from the moment he crosses the threshold. Linen and toiletries are carefully selected and personalized to find the same standard every time you arrive in an Itaca destination. In the selection of our properties we privilege properties with features that make them even more distinguished such as Spa, cinema or private beaches.