Sounds, colours and smells together create an extraordinary symphony


Morocco's main city, Marrakech surprises with its contrasting colours: the city, its pink brick walls covered with bougainvillea, a multitude of palm trees and lush vegetation and as a backdrop a magnificent landscape with the snowy peaks of the High Atlas under a bright blue sky. All this heralds the true nature of Marrakech: a lush oasis of everlasting greenery in which the scent of jasmine and orange blossoms from its gardens spreads. Inside the brick walls, in the zebra-shaded shade of the sun, in the teeming alleys of its medina, intense activity reigns, characterized by the cries of merchants, scents of cedar and spices. Sounds, colours and smells together create an extraordinary symphony.


Marrakech, tourist capital for over a century, offers a subtle balance between the treasures of the past and the continuous energy of living cultures. Most of the places are located within the old city, the Koutoubia, the Menara and Jemaa el Fna square are symbolic places of Marrakech; the latter declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. To find calm and peace, the gardens of the Menara are a magical place to visit. This place has a deep historical value represented by the different buildings, museums, palaces, necropolis that tell the history of this territory. In addition to a deep historical heritage, Marrakech which is divided into old city and new city lends itself to walking, cycling or horse-drawn carriage, following the tradition. There is no lack of green spaces in both cities which are real places of tranquility, relaxation and pleasure. I note the Moroccan craftsmanship, a perfect marriage between tradition and modernity that generates brilliant discoveries and makes original quality productions that have made this destination a city of artists.
A destination known for a journey through history, this place can be experienced differently through experiences for all tastes. For ski enthusiasts, from Christmas to Easter, you can take advantage of the ski resorts and 75km from the city so you can ski during the day and in the evening find the sweetness of Marrakech. In summer, the same mountain reserves beautiful outdoor trips. For golf lovers, the city offers 4 green parks with the Atlas Mountains as a backdrop, if you want to relax, wellness centres are a must. Swimming pools, hot air balloon flights and then inland lakes, waterfalls, national parks, rock art, ancient villages and much more to tell you about the authenticity and identity of this land.


The cuisine of this people has deep roots and you have to taste their dishes to get in touch with them. Marrakech offers numerous and varied spices that are the protagonists of every dish. The gastronomic tradition has about 2000 years of history and tells about different influences and contaminations. The Moroccan gastronomic offer is able to satisfy all palates with a mix of spices, perfumes and aromas that intrigue every palate. Among the gastronomic specialties is Tajine, a meat dish seasoned with tomato, almonds, plums and flavoured with spices such as cinnamon, ginger, garlic, pepper, turmeric and saffron. La Mrouzia, braised lamb with almonds and plums. La Harira, traditional soup with meat, tomatoes and vegetables. The Cous Cous became an international dish prepared with large semolina, baked with a mix of vegetables and spices. The Zaalouk, another typical simple recipe with vegetables and spices. The Taktouka made of baked peppers and spadellati with vegetables and spices. The Briouats, wrapped with meat, fish or vegetables and the Bastilla, a dish in which the dessert and the jump are mixed, is a puff pastry stuffed with meat, spices, dried fruit, sugar and cinnamon.


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